Terms & Conditions

This is a catering agreement between you and Artisan Eats LLC (“Artisan Eats”). Artisan Eats  agrees to provide grazing platters(s) Barkuterie Platter(s) or Grazing tables to you on a specified event date in exchange for your payment of the invoice price.

Booking: 48 hours notice is to be provided for any booking. Grazing tables bigger than 2 feet need to be requested 2 weeks in advance.

You agree to provide notice 5 days or more before your event date of any request to reschedule. Requests to reschedule with fewer than 5 days notice may not be accommodated.

You understand that all payments to Artisan Eats are not refundable for any reason. In the event that you provide notice of a cancellation 5 days or more prior to the event date, you may credit your payment to a new order within six months. In the event that you provide notice of a cancellation fewer than 5 days prior to the event date, you will forfeit your payment as your payment compensates Artisan Eats for turning away other business and for hard costs incurred to fulfil your order.

If due to extreme unforeseen circumstances (such as sickness or emergencies) Artisan Eats reserves the right to cancel or change your order. If something of this nature is to happen a full refund will be given.

After delivery or pickup, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the Grazing platter(s) or Barkuterie Platter (s) are refrigerated and served in a timely manner. Grazing Platters can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours. They should remain refrigerated until about 1 hour prior to serving. Grazing Tables will be taken down by our staff after 2 hours of completion.

While Artisan Eats gladly accepts requests to omit particular foods from its products, Artisan Eats cannot guarantee that any of the products it serves are allergy-friendly as they may be processed or prepared in facilities that also process allergens including nuts, wheat, dairy, and shellfish. This complies to both humans and animals. It is your responsibility to know the allergies and dietary requirements you and your animal needs.

Platters are made to order:
Please be aware that every platter is made carefully by hand. We try our best to use the same products but under some circumstances items may be swapped for similar items and seasonality fruits/veg may vary. Barkuterie Platters are made for dogs only and should not be consumed by ay other animal or human.

Liquidated Damages:
In the you are dissatisfied with Artisan Eats performance of its obligations contained in this Contract and claims any breach of this Contract and/or claims any breach of duty on the part of Artisan Eats including, but not limited to, claims of negligence, breach of contract, breach of warranty, or any other claim of any kind or sort, the maximum amount you can recover from Artisan Eats in any suit against Artisan Eats is the amount you paid to Artisan Eats. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to recover any damages from Artisan Eats beyond the Contract price.

Emergency Cancellations:
In the event that unforeseen or emergency circumstances outside the control of the parties make it impracticable to uphold this contract, including but not limited to force majeure events, ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks, or an emergency affect the Client’s event venue, the parties agree to give notice to one another as soon as possible. You understand that your payment is nonrefundable in these circumstances. If unforeseen or emergency circumstances arise fewer than 5 days prior to the event date, the Client agrees to pay Artisan Eats in full despite the emergency.

Venue & Choice of Law:
Any lawsuit with respect to this Contract must be brought in the courts located in Franklin County, Columbus, or the US District Court for the District of Ohio. This Contract is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio(without regard to its conflict of law provisions).